Walhalla Consulting can help you with your custom application needs.  We have developed numerous applications for MS Windows platforms, Unix based platforms, and Android specific applications.  Whether it is a report generation application to process data, a notification application to send alerts based on specific events, or an Android application to retrieve data, we can provide you a solution.

Report Generation Application

Have you examined the cost to your company for preparing daily reports? For example, in the XYZ Company they have a daily report that requires collection of data and report generation that takes 2 labor hours to collect, consolidate, generate, and validate.  That data is also used to generate weekly and monthly reports, and annual reports which take additional labor hours.  Using standard calculations the XYZ Company spends 664 labor hours per year to generate the reports they use.

The report is generated by a mid-level individual who costs the company about $24.00 per hour fully burdened rate.  This costs the XYZ Company $15,936.00 per year to generate just one report.  If XYZ Company spends $6,000.00 to create and maintain a custom reporting application, they save $9,936.00 for the first year.  If the same report program is used over a 3 year period, their total savings would be $41,808.00 total.  And since XYZ Company has 6 reports that are similar (different data feeds), they wind up saving a quarter of a million dollars.


So how much money can your company save by using Walhalla Consulting to create custom reporting applications? Contact us with your reporting application needs and let us design a custom application solution for you.  Whether a Windows application or a Cloud Based solution, we can help you save thousands in labor costs while increasing your reporting accuracy by auto generating your reports and graphical charts.

Notification Application

Our modern work environment makes it important to know when things happen.  For example, it is important to know when your company website is not accessible.  You might also need to know when certain thresholds for production are not meeting standards.  While it would be nice to know within seconds that things are not right, you really just need to know within minutes and check every five minutes or so as a realistic approach.  We have solutions for you that can let you know when things are not working correctly.

Our W-WebMon application is one example.  Using our application you can monitor your company website and know within minutes that it cannot be reached.  We also have a Cloud Based application that can be deployed in multiple locations to give you monitoring capability from multiple locations.

The same approach can be used for monitoring production activity.  For one client we used a similar approach to monitor Contact Center call volume and if the call volume exceeds set thresholds, e-mail and SMS notifications are sent to management.  For another client we developed an application to monitor worker productivity for claims processing and notify management if hourly production fell below established standards.

Whatever your monitoring requirements are, we can help you be proactive by designing applications to monitor for activities (or lack thereof) and transmit alert notifications.

Android Applications

With most of us on the go constantly, using your Android based tablet or phone to retrieve data is convenient.  However, typing in a long URL, navigating multiple web pages, or opening a document on a phone can be challenging.  We have designed several custom Android applications to retrieve data and present it in a custom format.  For our clients, it was a lot easier to click on a single icon to launch an application rather than fumble for minutes trying to get to data using other means.

In addition to simply accessing data, many resources are only available by entering long security key strings, user IDs, or passwords.  You do not want these freely accessible on your phone, but they are not so sensitive that you need NSA level encryption for access.  When designing our applications, we work with you to address these needs and can program your application to use encrypted storage for multiple access tokens using a single user designated PIN code instead of having to re-enter this data each time you use the application.

Contact us to see how we can help you with your mobile data needs for fast, flexible, but secure Android applications.