Walhalla Consulting has proven experience providing Cloud Based Reporting in many styles and formats.  We work with clients who push data to our report solutions using e-mail, FTP, or direct input.  Others have our solutions pull data from one or more sources using SOAP/REST API calls.  Regardless of the method of data transmission, once your data is received by our application, it is processed into a custom report.  Two of our more popular solutions provide cloud based Leaderboard and Dashboard systems.



What is a Leaderboard? A Leaderboard is a kind of a score board that shows who is ahead and by how much.  Leaderboards in business are typically used as a motivational tool to praise sales leaders and give others targets to shoot for in order to rank at the top of their peers.  Leaderboards have been shown to increase sales and in some cases helping companies exceed their sales goals.

Walhalla Consulting partnered with a national Call Center platform provider to develop a Leaderboard using data from the call system to give a visual ranking of sales leaders for use in Contact Centers and reports.  The data is transmitted from the Call Center servers to a Walhalla server that processes the data and prepares the actual Leaderboard.

Customers access the Leaderboard using standard browser technology to display on large screens, desktops, or even mobile devices (a free custom Android application is included).

Layouts are available in standard packages or customers can request customized layouts to fit their desired display options.  Boards can display single days, or multiple days (daily/weekly/monthly).  Some of our board layouts can include employee photos.  Customized boards can display sales volume, sales value, sales by contact volume, sales by talk time, or many other measurements.

Your custom Leaderboard can be implemented for as low as $199.00 with a monthly hosting charge of $29.00.  Contact us today to see how we can assist you in setting up a Leaderboard for your company.



Dashboards are a concept taken from automobiles which provide you a display of important information using several indicator types.  On a typical automobile dashboard you might find a dial gauge for speed, engine RPMs, fuel, oil temperature, and water temperature.  Modern automobile dashboards will have digital meters to display speed, engine RPMs, or other indicators.  They will also have icons to indicate a problem with engine temperature, oil temperature, lights on/off, cruise control, etc.  Simply the automobile dashboard gives the driver an indicator of the operational status of the automobile by presenting critical information.

Walhalla Consulting dashboards provide the same functionality of an automobile dashboard in a computerized display for critical information for business operations.  Using dial gauges, bar meters, pie charts, grid charts, line charts, bar charts, column charts, geo charts, icons, and message bars, the information is displayed in an organized graphical display.  Each dashboard is custom designed for the business needs to present critical information when you need it in visually attractive displays.

With our Dashboard line we provide you a custom cloud based solution for displaying critical business information.  The dashboards can be viewed by your employees, managers, and other key stakeholders to view the current status at any time.  So long as we can retrieve the data needed (SOAP/REST interface or direct input to us), we can display the data in our Dashboards.  Suitable for large screen displays and each Dashboard comes with a custom Android application to access the same data.  Our custom solutions can be implemented for as low as $499.00 with a monthly hosting charge of $29.00.  Whether you are tracking sales data, call center data, or other production numbers, let us help design a display system for you.