Walhalla Consulting integrates several standard cloud based solutions to provide a robust system to help you support your clients.  We have also created a custom front end to provide a controlled interface to these solutions.  Our feature rich Customer Support Portal front end helps pull together other open source cloud based applications such as a Trouble Ticketing system, Wiki/Documentation system, and Customer Relationship Management system for our customers.

Let Walhalla Consulting make your deployment of Cloud Based Support Solutions easy.  We take care of all of the work needed to deploy solutions to a cloud based server, by themselves or in combination with other applications we offer.  We take care of all of the setup using your input for the design and customization, and brand the web pages as much as possible to prominently display your company logo and company information.  We even work with you to establish your cloud based support solution as a sub-domain of your primary existing domain name or can help you setup a new domain name for your new system.

No need to hire a programmer, network engineer, or even a web developer to deploy one of these solutions.  You do not need to make a large expenditure of capital to purchase hardware and software.  This cloud based solution saves you thousands in support and maintenance costs each year, thus allowing you to deploy a customer support solution with a very low up front commitment.

Customer Support Portal

The Walhalla Customer Support Portal system was created to provide controlled access to other systems so only approved customers could access them.  This could also be used to control internal access to these systems.  The Walhalla Customer Portal system provides for open access remote help access (if you support it), external contact option, lost password feature, password reset feature, and an internal contact option.  All of these actions are tracked with extensive logging to help users who might experience an error while accessing the portal in addition to plain language messages explaining the error encountered.

The Lost Password feature allows a validated user (one who has a matching e-mail address within the system) to request a new password be sent to their e-mail account in order to regain access.  The Change Password feature allows a user to change their password online and a notification e-mail is sent to the registered e-mail account that the change has occurred.  The Contact Helpdesk options provide the user the ability send a contact request to the Helpdesk without exposing your Helpdesk e-mail address to the robots and others who might want to abuse the e-mail address.

Your custom Customer Support Portal can be implemented for as low as $199.00 with a monthly hosting charge of $29.00 (monthly hosting only applies to one product class).  Contact us today to see how we can assist you in setting up a Leaderboard for your company.


Trouble Ticketing osTicket Official Website vtiger Official Website

A Trouble Ticketing system is a perfect way to keep track of internal or customer issues.  You could pay tens of thousands of dollars on a large Trouble Ticketing System, or you can select a hosted solution using open source solutions to meet your needs.  When choosing a Trouble Ticket system that is open source there are numerous systems to choose from, and we have done a lot of the up-front research for you.  We have found two popular Trouble Ticket Systems, each with terrific benefits for the low implementation and hosting price you pay.

For clients who are looking for a robust Trouble Ticket System that is issue focused along with enhanced customer communication, we usually recommend the osTicket solution.  For a very low startup cost you can have a cloud based Trouble Ticketing Solution.  The osTicket solution provides the capability for end users to submit their own trouble tickets through a portal interface, saving you labor requirements for handling customer calls and/or entering information on each trouble.  The system contains many features for customer communication via e-mail and even allows the customer to review public comments on their trouble ticket without calling the Helpdesk for an update.  Rather than repeat all of the features here, you can learn more about the osTicket system by clicking on their logo above.

Other clients want a simplified Trouble Ticket System combined in the same application with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution.  We usually recommend the Vtiger solution to meet those needs.  The Vtiger CRM is primarily a CRM solution with a simplified but feature rich Trouble Ticket System built in.  You can learn more about the Vtiger system by clicking on their logo above.

Your custom Trouble Ticket System can be implemented for as low as $199.00 with a monthly hosting charge of $29.00 (monthly hosting only applies to one product class).  Contact us today to see how we can assist you in setting up a Trouble Ticket System for your company and start providing your customers with an enhanced support experience.


Wiki/Documentation   DokuWiki Official Website

Wiki and Documentation systems come in so many flavors from simple Wiki tools to advanced Concurrent Versions System (CVS).  With so many options you could spend hundreds of hours researching, testing, and playing with different systems to find one that is right for you.  After doing this search ourselves, we found one that stood out from the rest as being user friendly, simple, clean, unencumbered, but still provide a great way to store documentation while maintaining some features of a CVS.

At Walhalla Consulting we have chosen DokuWiki as the tool for our needs.  This greatly simplified the creation of our Knowledgebase, allows multiple authors, allows admins to edit while limiting the public to read only access, and makes it easy to organize our internal and external documentation in a single tool.  Rather than repeat all of the great features here, you can learn more about the DokuWiki system by clicking on their logo above.

Your custom Wiki, Documentation system, or Knowledgebase System can be implemented for as low as $199.00 with a monthly hosting charge of $29.00 (monthly hosting only applies to one product class).  Contact us today to see how we can assist you in setting up a DokuWiki System for your company and start providing your customers and staff with a simple tool that provides enhanced documentation capabilities.


Customer Relationship Management vtiger Official Website SugarCRM Official Website

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are essential in the business world today.  Whether implemented as a stand-alone tool or integrated with your telephone system, a CRM lets you centrally store information about the customer, maintain historical information about the customer, perform sales analytics, manage workflows and allocate your time wisely focusing your marketing materials and efforts.

There are many good open source CRM solutions available, but we have found Vtiger and SugarCRM to be very popular with our clients for business applications.  We also have experience with CiviCRM for non-profit organizations and found it is a better fit for Constituent/Donor management.  If you are just starting with CRM applications, you might find that Vtiger is better suited for smaller organizations with SugarCRM being popular with larger organizations with formal processes.

If you are looking to get started with an entry level solution, Walhalla Consulting has the experience to help get you started.  We work with our clients to help integrate a CRM into their organization by providing cloud based solutions and working with companies to get a CRM implemented.  We offer different pricing depending on the CRM solution you choose and the support options selected.  Contact us to see how we can assist you in implementing a CRM system or your company.