Walhalla Consulting has developed some software that we have released to the public and you will find these under the Walhalla Software section.  We have also found a lot of other applications that we think provide best use or best value for our customers and you will find these under the Other Great Software section.  We have linked to the websites for these applications (titles link to the websites for the software if available).  Some of these applications are free, some have free versions with limitations, and some are fully licensed and may have fees or other requirements to use the software.  You should carefully review the licensing requirements before downloading or using the software.

Walhalla Software

At Walhalla Consulting we develop software to assist ourselves and others to overcome challenges or automate tasks.  We have a few software applications we have developed that others have expressed a need for.  If you have a need for an application solution and do not see it listed here, please tell us about your needs and we may be able to develop one under one of many development or licensing programs.

MD5Gen Simple tool to compute the MD5 hash of a text string.

Other Great Software

Listing all of the software we have used would take many pages, there are some that are so terrific we use them almost daily and recommend them to our clients.  Here is our current list (updated when our team finds an indespensible tool).

FileZilla A free FTP solution that is open source.  Great for managing contents on cloud based servers.
Just Color Picker Great tool for finding color values of what is on the screen.  Execute the application, hover over a location, and the values of the color will be displayed.
Password Safe Keeping a written list of passwords in an open text document or on paper is not a good idea.  Using the same user id and password for hundreds of sites is not good either.  Get the best of both worlds using Password Safe.  Uses TwoFish encryption and protects against brute force attacks.