Walhalla Consulting has partnered with a national telecommunications company to provide Voice Over IP/Automated Call Distribution System (VOIP/ACDS) solutions providing Contact/Call Center ACDS platforms with CRM integration with (starting as low as 25 seats). We also provide a modern feature rich Office Phone Platforms.  With our partners we assist clients with implementing modern cloud based call systems and/or cloud based office phone platforms (starting as low as 50 seats).

We can also help you implement a virtual Office Phone Platform, providing you an affordable IP based office platform with no PBX installation required. With a virtual phone system your employees can work in your office, at a branch location, at home, or virtually anywhere.  Fast and easy to deploy, scales instantly, and provides for rapid disaster recovery.

          Does your solution leave you with a mental image of cheerful employees dealing with an antiquated solution (like the left image)?  Let us help you with a modern solution where you can imagine your employees looking more like the image below.

Automated Call Distribution System (ACDS)

Companies can spend several hundred thousand dollars to setup a typical inbound ACDS using an internal system.  There are the up-front costs of the hardware, individual software licenses (plus additional licenses for growth, normally in bundles of 25 or more), installation, and of course maintenance plans for the hardware.  And since you are a smart manager, there is the cost of redundancy with hot spares or complete systems to make sure you keep running no matter what.

To get your typical 25-50 person Contact/Call Center operational you might spend at least a half a million dollars to get operational.  Of course if you need to relocate you have no flexibility to move your system to another location without extensive downtime or purchasing an additional system for the new location.  And decentralization is not a viable option, so you are limited in growth to your current facility without additional capital outlays.  Quite a lot of capital outlay, little flexibility, and a high risk for disasters.


Using a cloud based ACDS solution, you can get the same features for only a few thousand dollars setup, no additional hardware on premise, have a flexible system that can grow with your needs (one or a few seats at a time), and reduce your risks for disasters by having the ability to immediately change your system.  With a cloud based ACDS solution, you can access your system from any location (given sufficient bandwidth and proper network configuration) to address any given disaster situation.  Decentralization is a snap since it does not matter where your agents are located.

With our national telecommunications partner, we can help you implement a virtual cloud based ACDS system quickly.  Their ACDS solution provides all the major features you would expect from an ACDS, along with proprietary integrated solutions not found elsewhere.  Working together we can help you implement an ACDS system quickly, provide project management assistance from a PMI-PMP certified Project Manager, and work with you to provide world-class service at terrific prices.  Contact us so we can help you design a solution that will save you hundreds of thousands in implementation costs.

Office Phone Platforms

With a virtual Office Phone Platform, you have a business class phone system that brings you an affordable enterprise office phone platform without having to install a PBX at your facilities.  The system includes direct dialing, group routing, extension dialing, call recording, call traffic reporting, and more advanced features.  You can get Local or National numbers, Toll Free numbers, Voicemail to Email with Call Notify, and free intranetwork call traffic.


A virtual Office Phone Platform is rapidly deployable, highly flexible, and provides you quick disaster recovery.  The system scales instantly, relocation is a snap, and is easy to use.  Let Walhalla Consulting show you the benefits of using a virtual Office Phone Platform for your business needs today.