Walhalla Consulting provides support and solutions focused on helping organizations and agencies meet their business needs using low cost solutions.  In addition to our Contact/Call Center consulting, we also offer general consulting and support for other types of business activities. We pride ourselves in guiding clients to solutions with the highest value for their business with the least cost possible to maximize your return on your investment.  We leverage the latest in open source, virtual, cloud based, or custom solutions to help you succeed. 

Whether you are a small organization (just a few employees) or larger organization (hundreds of employees), we can provide you some different perspectives on the challenges you face with information and communications technology.  Our experience with numerous solutions combined with our extensive past research will help you find low cost solutions that will properly scale with your growth and keep your future expenditures under control. 


Walhalla Consulting is well rounded with experience in Federal, State/Local and private industry computer and support practices with strong foundations in Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) practices, Quality Management (ISO 9001) practices, and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL - ISO 20000) practices.  We understand the challenges you face with shrinking budgets and market share impacts, so we look for the best ways to maximize your return.  We keep those constraints in mind while developing innovative and cost effective solutions to help keep you competitive.