Walhalla Consulting was established to provide support and solutions focused on helping organizations and agencies meet their business needs using low cost solutions.  Our experience with organizations at numerous levels of Government and Private Sector showed a need for assistance in understanding the ever-changing communication and technology fields.  While these organizations had a wealth of talented individuals, they were focused on meeting their daily operational requirements.  As such, they did not have the time or the resources needed to examine the plethora of options that recent technical advances have made available.

Whether the organization was small or large, they all had the same need.  Their need was for some short term help in addressing a particular problem or project that was either outside the focus of their daily operations or involved the need for new technology to address their current issues.  Their budget and available resources (personnel/space) were limited, but their need for change was imminent.

Because we have previously met these challenges, we leverage our knowledge to help others succeed.  We bring a broad range of experience to provide an independent, impartial and fresh perspective.  Take a look at our services to see how we can be your solution for innovation.

Walhalla Consulting is proud to be a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).  If you need help with meeting the requirements of US Public Law 106-50, US Public Law 109-461, our solutions may provide you an added benefit.  Contact us to review your specific needs.